Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Les Fern questionnaire

I am a nudist who loves the look and feel of being completely smooth.
So I guess it would only follow that I want to expose myself wherever and to whomever I am able.

The ten questions in the first questionnaire I'd have to answer not applicable as I haven't done any real "dare" in any place where nudity was not permissible.  That does not mean, however, that I won't do it.  The more great pics I see and stories I read get me hard thinking about exposing myself "out there".  I'll only want to make certain I have some one to shoot photos so I can share it with other exhibitionist/ voyeurs.
1) Your name:  Les 
2) Your location:  Lancaster,  PA 
3) How long have you been a nudist/exhibitionist?:  Closet nudist - for years,  true nudist - 10 years, exhibitionist - after the first time I went to a nude beach. 
4) Were you raised a nudist or are you the only one in your family?  Only one.\
5a) How many hours on average are you totally naked indoors?:  whenever I'm home.  As soon as I come in the door - off come the clothes. 
5b) Are you naked alone or with others while indoors?: Yes 
6a) How many hours on average are you totally naked outdoors?:  2-4 in the summer 
6b) Are you naked alone or with others while outside?: usually alone, at home 
7) Are you naked as you are completing this questionnaire?:  You bet! 
8) Do you sleep naked every night?:  I've slept naked since I moved from home.  One of the first things I did was discard pajamas. 
9) What activities do you do while completely naked?: All activities at home. 
10a) Have you ever been to a nudist resort?:  Yes - Club Orient in St Maarten - have a time share about 10 minutes from the nude beach 
10b) Which resort and how many nudists were there at the time?:  There are usually a fair
 number of people at Club Orient - I go the end of October.
 11a) Have you ever been to a nude beach?:  Yes
11b) Which beach and how many nudists were there at the time?:  See above
12) Have you ever been caught naked? Explain:  From time to time one of my neighbors may come over when I'm sunbathing nude in my back yard.
13) Have you ever driven or been a passenger in a vehicle while totally naked?: Yes, But I don't find it especially comfortable - stick to the seats, etc.
14) Have you ever masturbated in public?  Yes - not at Orient Beach, but at some of the other beaches in St Maarten.  I starts out innocently as simply putting on some suntan lotion but it feels so good and my cock is soon erect and I just continue to caress my cock.
15) Have you ever had sex in front of others?  Yes, many times when I was a younger man.
16) Have you ever attended nude gatherings such as picnics, parties, etc? Explain:  Social events at Club Orient - but they are quite proper regarding nudist etiquette.
17) Are you a member of the 'American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)' or any other association?:  Not at this time
18) Have you ever been to a nudist event such as a nude bike ride or fair?  No
19) Is your body completely hairy or baby smooth?:  I love it completely smooth
20) Please add any other info you would like to share here:
Do you have a smooth body? If yes, how much is smooth and how do you have it removed? My entire body is baby smooth, including privates, pubes, and ass. I prefer the painful waxing. This is a conservative area - but I finally found a salon that will give a complete wax to a man.  I love the feeling ( take a couple Tylenol before you get the waxing - and besides, it only hurts for a second)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Bill's exhibitionist lifestyle

I am a total exhibitionist who is always wanting more exposure. I want as many people to see me all over the world as possible. I continue to live a total nudist and exhibitionist lifestyle. Anything your followers want to know just ask me. I am including my email in case anyone wants to ask me questions or would like to see more nude pics of me.  allen92102@icloud.com

Bill Allen