Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Emailed to me from Joe S

1) Your name: Stanjoey
2) Your location: Northern California
3) How long have you been a nudist/exhibitionist?: Since I was 14
4) Were you raised a nudist or are you the only one in your family? 
The only one
5a) How many hours on average are you totally naked indoors?
About 6 to 7 hours
5b) Are you naked alone or with others while indoors?: With others

6a) How many hours on average are you totally naked outdoors?: Depends on the weather, but on average 4 hours a day.
6b) Are you naked alone or with others while outside?: 
With others, usually at a local nude resort
7) Are you naked as you are completing this questionnaire?: Of course!
8) Do you sleep naked every night?: Always
9) What activities do you do while completely naked?: Cook, eat, read, phone calls, clean the house, swim, exercise, take walks, just about anything I can.

10a) Have you ever been to a nudist resort?: 
I am a member of a local resort  
10b) Which resort and how many nudists were there at the time?: Laguna del Sol, There can be several hundred people there on a busy weekend day.

11a) Have you ever been to a nude beach?: Lots of times
11b) Which beach and how many nudists were there at the time?: San Gregorio near San Francisco and there could be over a hundred people there. Bakers Beach in San Francisco, usually 25 or so.
12) Have you ever been caught naked? Explain:One night I took a nude run in my neighborhood about midnight and a car unexpectedly came around the corner. The guy got out and started chasing me. Fortunately I ran around the corner and lost track of him. I have run naked at night many times without ever having a problem. 
13) Have you ever driven or been a passenger in a car while totally naked?: Lots of times and on a dare with a friend.

14) Have you ever masturbated in public?: Does online on a site like Chaturbate or Cam4 count?
15) Have you ever had sex in front of others?: online only

16) Have you ever attended nude gatherings such as picnics, parties, etc? Explain: I have been in the " Bare to Breakers" a nude run across San Franicisco, about 8 miles, three times. It was a blast and I met some great guys who were also nude. have been to nude potlucks at a local men's nude group. I went to a nude men's Yoga class for a couple of years and mixed group nude yoga classes too.  
17) Are you a member of the 'American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)' or any other association?: Yes, AANR
18) Have you ever been to a nudist event such as a nude bike ride or fair?: Yes, a classic  auto show at Laguna del Sol
19) Is your body completely hairy or baby smooth?: In between/ I have very light and light colored body hair. Sometimes I shave it all off.

20) Please add any other info you would like to share here: Being nude is a very freeing experience for me. It takes away all the social distinctions and allows me to just be myself and completely relax. I can get a little crazy feeling and am easily irritated I don't get naked on a regular basis. I am usually very patient. I loved being naked as a young boy and would take my clothes off in my room. There are pictures of me playing naked in my room at age 5. I studied nude while in high school and I had several hours of homework. I sat at my desk nude or read in a small  chair next to my desk nude. If someone came in while I was in the chair I would cover my genitals with a book. I have gone hiking nude on the levees where it is pretty remote and walk into the cornfields nude too.  Sometimes boats go by when I am on the levee.  I just wave and usually get lots of smiles.