Saturday, July 13, 2013

Well "Hello Jayden'

Hey Steve, I ran across your page and thought your questionnaire and the whole concept was pretty hot. I'm not a nudist, instead I am a bit of an "attention whore".  So, I thought I would give it a try and see what it's all about.
1) Where were you when you were exposed? In my bedroom
2) Who caught you? My twin sister
3) How long were you seen nude? For the duration
4) Were you or the other person embarrassed? No, we were quite used to seeing each other that way. 
5) Did you cover up after being seen or just leave everything exposed? Read my answer to #4 again. 
6) Were you jerking off, showering or what? Explain what you were doing? I was walked in on more than once while both in the shower and jacking off... So what.
7) Did he/ she take photos? Heck, we've seen each others internet pages. 
8) Would you get naked in front of this person again? Why not?
9) Any other info you wanna share? Sure, I have a evil twin sister who's just as kinky as I am. Mom always told us to lock our doors - we never did that - We shared all our experiences together and literally had no secrets from each other. Eventually being naked in front of each other was no problem. She tied me up, tickled and even spanked me when I was bad. Now we never had sex, that would have been wrong but we did share our early experiences together.

1) Your name: Jayden
2) Your location: Virginia/ US
3) How long have you been a nudist/exhibitionist? Most my life
4) Were you raised a nudist or are you the only one in your family? With the exception of your other questionnaire, I'm the only one.
5a) How many hours on average are you totally naked indoors? Not often enough
5b) Are you naked alone or with others while indoors? Naked with others, proving there queer friendly. 
6a) How many hours on average are you totally naked outdoors? Every now and then
6b) Are you naked alone or with others while outside? With others... duh! It's no fun all alone.
7) Are you naked as you are completing this questionnaire? No, but I'm going to take off all my clothes to fill out the rest. 
8) Do you sleep naked every night? For the most part
9) What activity's do you do while completely naked? I like to wash the car naked and the usual houseboy cleaning chores. 
10a) Have you ever been to a nudist resort? I've only been to the clothing optional places. 
10b) Which resort and how many nudists were there at the time? Long Fork in West Virginia, app 50% were naked.
11a) Have you ever been to a nude beach? Not yet but have plans to visit that one in Florida.
12) Have you ever been caught naked? Explain: No, I like to have fun but I do use common sense. 
13) Have you ever driven or been a passenger in a vehicle while totally naked? A daddy friend once made me strip and turn over all my clothes to him, then he put me in restraints and drove me around to local gay parks etc to show off his property.
14) Have you ever masturbated in public? Not in the general public but I've jacked off in front of others. 
15) Have you ever had sex in front of others? I do it all the time

16) Have you ever attended nude gatherings such as picnics, parties etc? I've been to several dungeon parties & general parties.
17) Are you a member of the 'American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)' or any other organization? No, I don't feel like nor am I interested in joining any special club or organization just to have a little fun. 
18) Have you ever been to an nudist event such as an nude bike ride or fair? No, but Folsom Street is on my bucket list. 
19) Is your body completely hairy or baby smooth? Other than my crotch, I'm smooth all over. 
20) Please add any other info you would like to share here: To make a very, very, very long post short. My personal blog is , and my email is , I look forward in hearing from you!

P/s I also think that Jimmy Geist boy on here is a total knockout!