Friday, May 24, 2013

emailed to me

1) Where were you when you were exposed? 

I am 44 now, but back then I was around 35 and I had to be in Miami, FL for work on a Monday.  So I decided to drive down to Key West on the weekend.  Then early Monday morning I was driving back up to Miami.  I stopped at St. Anne's Beach which is a little beach with a trail just off the highway.  I was just wearing shorts and a shirt.   It was nice out, warm and early in morning like just after 8:00 AM.  So I walked a bit down trail, shed my clothes and went skinny dipping.

2) Who caught you? 
A tour van of Japanese tourists, men and women about a dozen in all.

3) How long were you seen naked?
Not sure it seemed like quite a while.  The water is very shallow (below knees) many feet out and I was on my way back in with a ways to go.  Since the water is shallow, there was no way for me to hide myself in the water.

4) Were you or the other person embarrassed? 
I was very embarrassed they seemed to get a kick out of seeing a naked guy skinny dipping.

5) Did you cover up after being seen or just leave everything exposed? 
I was too far out, water was too shallow, nothing to cover up with anywhere close to me, like a deer in the headlights I was caught with my pants down fully exposed to the tourists.

6) Were you jerking off, showering, or what? Explain what you were doing? 
Just in the ocean on my way back in from skinny dipping.

7) Did he/she take photos? 
Yes they took photos and video of me.  They did not speak much English but they seemed excited and were smiling pointing to camera saying OK?   So I just smiled back and said OK and they snapped away, I even flexed my biceps and gave them some poses which they really seemed to enjoy. I think I may have given them a bit too much encouragement by doing that as before you knew it the husbands had me posing with their wives in photos, they of course were fully clothed and I was nude.

8) Would you get naked in front of this person again? 
Sure they were very nice.

9) The person who seen you, have you ever seen them naked? 
No that was the only time we met, after they took some photos of me we said bye and I got dressed and headed back to Miami for my meeting for work.

10) Any other info you wanna share? 
Nope, seeing your site just reminded me of the experience.  Later on I always wondered how the photos came out, who all saw them, and who they were shared with.  Kind of funny thinking that somewhere in Japan some people I don't even know have photos of me completely naked in their American vacation photo album.

Take care,